Case Study for:

Rakuten SL


Increase in 1st page rankings


Increase in new users


Increase in organic traffic

Rakuten Super Logistics is a leading eCommerce order fulfillment company that provides retailers with resources for scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficient shipping logistics. They partnered with Radd in 2017 to help increase search traffic and to later aid in a full platform migration.


With consistent blog posts, Rakuten SL needed a team that could piggyback best SEO practices onto their existing content creation strategy. They started out with the goal of improving the site’s SEO along with optimizing site content for keywords that accurately described their business. Two years into their campaign they wanted to migrate their website’s platform without interrupting their search engine performance.


Radd handled campaign tracking, site content optimization, and helped them navigate their sitewide migration with 100% success.

With monthly insights on how they perform, Rakuten SL has seen consistently positive results and reliable growth, with a 3,140% increase in 1st page keyword rankings. Their organic traffic has grown by 61% since the start of their campaign. With help from Radd, Rakuten also migrated to a new platform without disrupting their traffic and search visibility.