Natalie Rosen Asst. SEO Strategy & Training Manager

  • Optimizes webpages for clients by writing and editing content, title tags, and meta descriptions.
  • Hosted a radio show called Talko Tuesday with two of her friends on their college’s radio station.
  • Enjoys exploring San Diego’s neighborhoods, restaurants, and beaches in her free time.

An SEO analyst at Radd, Natalie enjoys the combination of creativity and analysis that SEO requires. She studied Writing in college and is thankful to be working in a growing field where she can apply her writing and editing skills while also learning new things every day. Natalie’s favorite part of SEO is strategizing creative solutions and helping clients grow their businesses by maximizing their rankings. When not in the office, she is probably looking for the best new restaurants, getting coffee with someone, or enjoying San Diego’s beautiful outdoors.

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