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Google Pirate 2.0 Algorithm Update And The Torrent Decrease

Google Pirate 2.0 Algorithm Update And The Torrent Decrease

Google has long been criticized for not responding to online piracy in a truly useful manner, but its latest version of the Pirate algorithm update seems to have addressed the issue in a tangible way.

According to Search metrics, well-known torrent sites took a major hit when the Google Pirate 2.0 algorithm update rolled out in late 2014: an outcome that resulted in some pages losing up to 98 percent of their SEO visibility. This was generally caused by keywords that Google views as indicative of piracy; search terms like “download free movies” and “online free movies” appear to have led to huge losses for any content that included them repeatedly. What’s more, sites that violate Google’s DMCA program — whether Google finds the violation itself or the site was reported by users — is almost certain to lose its ranking or even get booted from the results entirely.

What’s the main takeaway? Google appears to be continuously honing its ability to crack down on copyright violations, and keywords that point to an intention to pirate material will almost always be punished within the Pirate algorithm.

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