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About Radd

We’re an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) company based in San Diego. Our team of passionate experts are driven by client success. We live, breathe and sleep SEO and PPC and we strive to crush our client’s competition. Our team is never satisfied, no matter how well our clients are doing, because in the evolving online world we pride ourselves on finding new ways to keep them at the forefront of search engine technology. No matter the size of your company, it’s our number one goal to always make sure you are seen and heard.

In the digital world we live in, it’s important to always find a way to market your business. This means much more than a website and Facebook. Think of us as your neighborhood PPC and technical SEO company, accessible and approachable with none of the smoke and mirrors other digital agencies hide behind. With unmatched service, convenience and trust, you will always be at the top of our list.

We’re a team of individuals who all love what we do. We won’t stop until we have exceeded our goals. And then when we do, we keep going. Our team is comprised of industry veterans and technology executives. Radd was founded by Danny Shepherd and Bret Rosendahl to help bring sophisticated technology that would drive results into the SEO and PPC world. And they did just that.

Meet the team

With unmatched service, convenience and trust, you will always be at the top of our list.
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Bret Rosendahl
Summer Bonaker
Vice President
Rosie Partmann
Director of Reporting & Analytics
Christina Adame
Director of SEO Strategy
Alex Johnson
Director of Account Management
Daniel Esquivel
Director of Paid Search
Karolina Hobson
Director of Sales
Dennis BruBaker
Account Manager
John Klicman
Account Manager
Zach Melson
Lead PPC & SEO Account Manager
Dom Costa
Account Manager
Colin Barlow
SEO Project Manager
Raymond Jones
Account Manager
Samantha Carman
Account Manager
Joshua Cuaton
PPC Analyst
John David Paul II
Account Manager
Abbey Dunn
Account Manager
Natalie Crone
Reporting Analyst
Mayra Morales
Reporting Analyst
Natalie Eisen
Advanced QA SEO Analyst
Alexandra Whitten
PPC Analyst
Jonathan Soch
Strategy & Technical Manager
Eileen Sherwin
SEO Strategy & Process Manager
Jennifer Puyot
Assistant SEO Strategy & Training Manager
Ashley Bradway
Senior SEO Analyst.
Chelsie Biller
SEO Strategy & Training Manager
Theresa Padilla
SEO Lead Analyst
Donna Lee
QA SEO Analyst
Lucia Pasquale
Advanced SEO Analyst
Rachel Spence
Advanced SEO Analyst
Garnet Clarke
SEO Analyst
Janelle Odorico
Advanced SEO Analyst & Office Culture Coordinator
Maryann Einstein
Advanced SEO Analyst
Sara White
PPC Analyst
Vanessa Graham
SEO Lead Analyst
Dani Sarabia
SEO Analyst
Matt Emch
PPC Analyst
Sarah O’Rourke
Advanced SEO Analyst
Nolan Woodworth
SEO Analyst
Alyssa Icasiano
SEO Analyst
Fernando Bauzo
SEO Analyst
Rivka Arbetter
QA SEO Analyst
Lindsey Corley
SEO Analyst
Sophia Szentes
Research & Development Executive
Aiden Conerty
SEO Analyst
Ben Pitt
SEO Analyst
Emily Collins
Account Manager
Julia Toniolo
SEO Analyst

What makes Radd, Rad.
Some facts.

We’ve spent years working in digital marketing. Our paid media, SEO and PPC company professionals have experience across a range of platforms and channels.

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Learn about our expertise as an SEM services company with experience across a wide range of tools, platforms, and industries. Check out our partners to see how we’re qualified.


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