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Special Needs Group


Increase in ad conversion rate


Increase in organic traffic


Decrease in cost per conversion


Increase in ad clicks

Special Needs Group offers mobility and oxygen equipment rental for guests visiting hotels, resorts, theme parks, and convention centers in over 65 countries worldwide.


Special Needs Group began their SEO campaign in 2017. After two years the combined their SEO efforts with a new paid search engine advertising campaign from Radd for a comprehensive marketing strategy that would maximize their potential. Their goal was to use a PPC campaign to generate leads and reach new customers.


With combined SEO and PPC campaigns Special Needs Group was able to maximize growth across both marketing channels. With tailored meta-data and updated site content, Radd’s SEO strategy brought in nearly 1.5X  the number of organic visits. Within 1 year  of PPC they were able to boost their conversion rate by over 73% while reducing the average cost of conversions and gaining extra ad interactions . This helped to grow revenue by more than 7%. Since their partnership with Radd began they’ve been able to expand their business to include eCommerce sales.

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