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Case Study for:

Stairway Shop


Increase in ROAS


Increase in ad revenue YOY


Increase in ad clicks


Increase in conversion value

The Stairway Shop offers custom stair design solutions, including building and installation services. They also sell high quality stair products as part of their eCommerce website.


As a newer business, Stairway Shop wanted to increase sales and to also boost brand awareness within their industry. After working with Radd for SEO they added a paid Google Ads campaign to further expand their business. We helped them restructure their existing ad campaigns and brought in new strategies to help them grow further.


To date Stairway Shop has increased their revenue by nearly $220,000 and gained a 13X ROI increase over the previous year. Radd realigned their campaigns according to what their main objectives were. They were able to advertise their brand through a display remarketing campaign, gain a more targeted audience, and relaunch their shopping campaign to improve overall sales. Ad clicks to their website increased by 69% and conversion value went up by 12%.

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