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John David Paul II

Account Manager

  • Enjoys building relationships with clients and working together.
  • Hawaiian Friday Enthusiast.
  • Master Outdoorsmen that enjoys getting lost in the wilderness.

A proven leader, coach and problem solver John Paul has been in leadership roles his entire life. Always chosen as the captain of his sports teams, leader of clubs, and planner of events, John Paul has a passion for working with people and getting the best out of them to accomplish the task. He enjoys working with people from all different walks of life and learning their strengths and weaknesses and how to apply those characteristics to the task at hand. John Paul comes from a marketing background and has held high level marketing positions for Ski and Snowboard Resorts and Breweries. His focus on branding, content, and what makes people think when they are looking for a product or service is what has made him an effective marketing and branding professional. When John Paul isn’t in the office he enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, attempting to golf, and most of all snowboarding.

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