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Summer Bonaker

Vice President

  • 15+ years in strategic team management experience.
  • Native San Diegan and SDSU alumni.
  • Loves animals and would like to own a ranch with horses.

As the Vice President at Radd Interactive, Summer is highly qualified in account management leadership, training, retention and communication strategies. She has dedicated her multi environment experience to help Radd Interactive strive for excellence. Passionate and highly organized, Summer heads and completes major initiatives using creative problem-solving skills while collaborating with and empowering a strong and dynamic upper management team. She utilizes 8 years of digital marketing and 15+ years of strategic team management experience with startups and fortune 500 companies to navigate the ever-changing landscape of today’s marketing world. Summer is committed to creating a balanced and productive work environment at Radd Interactive that enables team members to deliver the best possible experiences for our clients. She is a native to San Diego, CA, and received her BA at SDSU. Summer lives with her daughter (Quinn), where they enjoy traveling, great food, the outdoors and constant joking with friends and family.

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