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Content is King: Writing SEO Content with Strategy

Content is King: Writing SEO Content with Strategy

The importance of quality content within the realm of search engine optimization is no secret. In fact, the phrase “content is king,” from Bill Gates’ infamous 1996 essay, has become somewhat of an SEO mantra. You can find it woven into the text of almost every SEO blog on the internet. It’s an important notion to hold onto after all; the crafting of original, engaging copy for your business’s website plays an integral role in search engine rankings. At Radd Interactive we stand by the notion that well-written text directly impacts user experience. Without quality, user-friendly content, your site is destined to remain hidden somewhere in the shadowy depths of the world wide web.

Why is Quality Content So Crucial?

The purpose of written content on any given site is to deliver entertaining, yet useful, information to a target audience. To reference Gates for a second time, the internet is a marketplace of content. It is a place where people go to consume, whether it be to read, socialize, or shop. So, the more relevant the SEO writing content on your site, the more likely whoever visits it will stay and engage. In addition, the more relevant to targeted queries your content is, the more likely Google is to pull your pages. Appearing organically within the first several search engine results pages, or SERPs, builds authority for your site. It shows consumers that you are a reliable, trustworthy source for whatever it is they are seeking. In fact, Google’s Panda algorithm is designed specifically to favor websites that offer high-quality, trustworthy content, and by doing this, Panda diminishes the presence of sites that deliver spammy, ad-filled, and regurgitated copy.

Increasing Your Visibility

Your content should be crafted with visibility in mind. A sure-fire way to increase your chances of ranking is to produce writing that is in sync with your SEO content strategy. Good content begins with keyword research. Figure out exactly what you are targeting, what you want to say, and who you want to say it to, then come up with an extensive list of related words and phrases. You want to give people a reason to stay on your page, so focus in on your niche.

Things to Keep in Mind While Crafting Content

  1. The more professional you sound, the better the results. Not only are people reading what is on your web site, so is Google.
  2. The devil is in the details. Misspelling the names of people, brands, and places will diminish the authority of your page. You want your content to be substantial, not flimsy.
  3. Pay attention to grammar. Improper grammar is difficult to read and people don’t want to feel as if they are trying to decipher what you are saying. Be specific.
  4. Look out for keyword stuffing. Aim for an organic tone that naturally incorporates the words you are attempting to rank for. Google inflicts penalties upon pages that are overstuffed with keywords and reads them as spam.
  5. Social Media. We live in an age of constant information sharing, which is important to remember while writing SEO content for your site. A “like” or a “share” on social media can vastly improve the visibility of your business, but people are less likely to share content that is weak or difficult to understand. Write something you would like to share.
  6. Avoid duplicate content! Search engines don’t like to show the same content twice, and it decreases the authority of your site if the same content shows up on multiple pages. The last thing you want to do is compete with yourself for a spot in the SERPs.
  7. Refresh old and dated material. Freshening up old content keeps your pages relevant. If you decide to remove a page, do not forget to redirect the URL to a related page or category.

A major factor that SEO marketing analysts at Radd Interactive take into consideration while optimizing web sites is the quality of content, new and old. From spelling and grammar to proper keyword placement within the text itself, it is crucial for your SEO efforts that you create unique and engaging content for every single page.

Looking for more ways to improve your presence on the web? Contact the SEO and PPC marketing team at Radd Interactive to learn more about good contenting writing strategy can help your website thrive in the dynamic world of search.

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