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RankBrain – Technical SEO and Artificial Intelligence

RankBrain – Technical SEO and Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging Technical SEO, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence

SEO is continuously changing. The one constant we can count on is how important it is to keep up with the latest trends to ensure that your business doesn’t find itself losing rankings, keeping you from showing up in Google’s organic results. Google is currently using artificial intelligence, more specifically, an algorithm called RankBrain to understand what your Web site is related to from a keyword perspective.

Although no one can tell us exactly where this SEO artificial intelligence technology is taking us, it’s important to understand three inevitabilities:

– Regression analysis should be analyzed on each specific search result. Using this knowledge will then allow you to focus on improving that particular area of SEO. However, because RankBrain is operating on a “keyword” level, the algorithm may be different for each search result.

– As RankBrain works to group “bad and “good” websites with its deep learning capabilities, it’s imperative that Web sites that want to rank on the first page of Google utilize sophisticated technical SEO to stay on top.

– It’s essential that each site analyzes and works to emulate the arrangement of the top sites in that particular classification.

– Companies with sophisticated search engine emulation technology will have an advantage over those who try to guess or make updates not based on quantifiable data sets.

– Big data is now king. Search engines like Google analyze big data sets for every website. Many times running into the hundred thousands or millions of signals.

What do we know about How RankBrain Works?
Google’s new artificial intelligence machine is capable of constantly learning and adapting to new information. What we can deduct about RankBrain’s fundamental process is that it is constantly updating Google’s algorithm by aggregating and analyzing big sets of data on an ongoing basis. Essentially, RankBrain is used to ascertain, or more importantly, comprehend and recognize the significance of billions of web pages to help Google’s system yield the most relevant information based on users’ search queries. This is critical because it allows Google to stop guessing about what a user may want, and instead, begin to interpret data similar to how a person would. Because of Google’s new artificial intelligence algorithm, traditional SEO tactics are typically not as effective as a solid technical SEO strategy.

What is Artificial Intelligence?
Ultimately, the idea of AI is rooted in the development of a computer system that is able to execute tasks that ordinarily would necessitate human intellect. One of the main factors, as it relates to RankBrain, is being able to learn, interpret and analyze a constant flow of information. This allows Google to be able to accurately predict what a user wants. More specifically, RankBrain is categorized into an Artificial Intelligence known as “Artificial Narrow Intelligence” (ANI). This means that Google’s RankBrain is a machine that equals or exceeds human intelligence (or efficiency) but only in one specific area.

How fast is superintelligence growing?
Technological progress has been growing at an exponential rate. The reality is, human advancement is occurring at a more rapid pace as time goes on. There’s no question that a more innovative society will advance more rapidly than a less progressive society. As our society develops into an era where technological advances are increasing at a staggering rate (in comparison to decades, and centuries past), it’s only fitting to predict that we will see a rapid rise in superintelligence.

Although Google’s RankBrain is by all accounts considered “super intelligent” when it comes to one specific task (ranking pages by keyword queries), it’s still fairly unintelligent in humanistic comparisons. However, when you apply the same principle about exponential growth to artificial intelligence, it is only a matter of time before we see significant increases in the usage of AI.

RankBrain and many alternative forms of AI will exceed the human brain at some point in the future. Ultimately, the principles of SEO will remain extremely technical and staying up-to-date with these modifications will facilitate a more comfortable and secure transition.


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