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Social Commerce Solutions, With the Right Company

Social Commerce Solutions, With the Right Company

Social commerce is one of the newest – and most important – new online retail concepts there is. Even if that sounds hyperbolic it’s important to recognize it for what it is.

Social commerce represents a new branch of social media marketing, and it now consists of a nearly $90 billion market that’s expected to increase nearly 7X in the next 7 years!

That’s why finding the right social commerce solutions for your brand is more critical than ever. And it’s why looking for a professional social commerce company is more tempting than ever for online businesses and eCommerce sites that want to take advantage of the wide range of on-platform, in-app product retail opportunities! Here’s how a top social commerce company like Radd Interactive can bring unbeatable value for you and help you focus on the specific on-platform eCommerce options that are out there.

Why social commerce matters!

We proudly offer a complete social media focused range of services for everything from brand growth, to services, to social eCommerce.

So what is social commerce? Social commerce means driving sales directly within social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram using the eCommerce tools they provide to brands and sellers. Most businesses know about how social media marketing can help drive website traffic, grow brand recognition, and lead to sales – but “social commerce” solutions specifically take advantage of the ability for users to make purchases directly within these platforms.

Nearly 50% of internet users 18-34 years old have purchased through social media. More than half of all social browsers use these platforms to research products – and 71% of consumers say they are likely to recommend a brand after a positive experience on a social site. 1 in 4 U.S. shoppers now claim to prefer being contacted by brands via social media.

This is why retail online – with professional social commerce solutions – is impossible to ignore. Get expert services in paid social advertising, social audience targeting, ad management, organic social content, and eCommerce focused strategies.

This is how a social commerce company can help you take advantage of unbeatable opportunities.

Paid ad management solutions

A big part of social commerce involves paid ads – one of the two halves of social media marketing that involves both advertising and organic growth.

Looking for a social commerce agency – or pursuing your own social commerce solutions – means being able to get the best out of both of these strategies at once. Not just one.

Paid social media marketing is anything that is influenced by money spent on advertising. Paid social ads are meant to act as social commerce solutions that build on your existing strategy to reach more customers directly on social media sites – and they can do even with ultra-precise micro-targeting options that help you get in front of your most high-value ideal customer profile (ICP).

The best paid social commerce solutions that companies like Radd Interactive offer include:

  • Photo ads that display products directly in user feeds.
  • Stories ads that feature photo/video/multi-media ads in platforms with stories features like Instagram, Facebook etc.
  • Video ads.
  • Carousel ads with scrollable product-listings or multiple photos/videos that look like a sort of album.
  • Collection ads that show multiple “cards” for products. These act as a sort of instant storefront.
  • Messenger ads – like on Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn – where marketers can sponsor messages or content directly to individuals.
  • On-platform shops. These are new to platforms like Instagram and Facebook and give extra opportunities for eCommerce advertising by letting users shop/purchase without having to leave the app.
  • Sponsored posts, which look a lot like a regular posts but are promoted to certain audiences.

With paid media advertising across a bunch of social networks you can gain traffic faster, target high-value keywords, or reach specific audiences that are ready to convert – and doing it through an expert social commerce agency means proven results, top-to-bottom management, export reporting, and more!

Social media creative content solutions

The other half of social commerce lies in creative content solutions. Most businesses already know how valuable social media is to organic brand growth. Using these platforms for regular posting and content means growing brand visibility, name recognition, customer loyalty, and even extending the reach of your existing content.

But taking advantage of the social commerce solutions that an agency offers means direct sales, within these platforms.

Coordinating both paid and normal social media tools can help your business growth revenue by getting sales – directly within apps and on social platforms.

Get social commerce solutions with our services for:

  • Completely customized social media strategies for your business goals
  • Engaging and consistent posting schedules
  • Expert profile maintenance and monitoring
  • Customized data reporting and KPIs
  • Review and reputation monitoring
  • Data analysis and monthly reporting with a dedicated team for your brand

Facebook and Instagram shops

Because social commerce means being able to sell products directly on social media sites – without even having shoppers come to your website – new “shop” features for Facebook/Instagram are more important than ever as leading social commerce solutions.

Facebook/Instagram’s Shop feature allows businesses to set up more complex product listings in their profile. The information and products in your Shop are what appear as social commerce listings throughout other areas of the app – including in the Explore tab, Stories, etc.

These are heavily focused on providing key social commerce solutions without taking shoppers off the app just to complete a purchase – and they’re a big part of how an agency can help a business with modern eCommerce.

Take advantage of all ad types through Facebook for Business

The benefits of advertising on Facebook include its wide range of ad types built specifically as social commerce solutions driven by the platform’s shear dominance, and that it now makes up 1/5th of all digital advertising!

Plus you get audience micro-targeting that’s far more specific than regular search pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

Instagram has rapidly become one of the most popular social media apps in the world. Of U.S. users, about 11% claim to find and shop for products on the app – with a top social commerce company, you can take advantage of its 112 million monthly users.

Ad objectives for your business goals

If you’re looking for eCommerce solutions from an agency, then it’s important to get a service that can suit your goals and your KPIs. That means a social commerce company that can take advantage of the specific eCommerce solutions offered by Facebook and Instagram.

Get management services on Facebook for Business which can take advantage of Ad Objectives especially designed for retail.

  • Engagement for in-app reach
  • Conversion focused advertising
  • Catalog sales
  • Retargeting for social commerce
  • And more…

Pinterest buyable pins

A top social commerce company can help you reach even more shoppers on 416 average monthly users with Buyable Pins designed to let users buy products directly in the app.

For businesses that want to pursue eCommerce on Pinterest this primary opportunity.

With Pinterest it’s possible to offer eCommerce opportunities using their product catalogs, product pins, merchant solutions, and their Verified Merchant Program. Buyable Pins are a great way of indicating to users that they can shop products directly within Pinterest, or that they can go directly to the site to buy there.

They can also help business build out their on-platform shops.

Why get social commerce solutions from a company like Radd Interactive?

So why hire an agency to manage social media? Of course you can manage it yourself if you want.

Going with one of the top social commerce companies means you get proven, professional results – for way easier. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, improve user engagement, or target highly qualified leads, we can help you reach those goals with the social commerce services we offer.

Likewise, if you want to take your social media eCommerce success to the next level, influencer marketing can enhance your brand image, build loyalty, and boost sales. Influencer marketing is a valuable addition to your social media commerce plan, especially since some research suggests it offers a nearly 7X ROI, and that it represents the fastest growing consumer acquisition method.

With professional management – businesses can focus on sustainable growth without having to struggle with the poor results that can come from going it alone.

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on using the most cutting-edge technology… and we put our money where our mouth is. We’re an award winning digital marketing agency with years of experience using digital marketing tools, ad platforms, proven strategies and even our own proprietary technology to help businesses improve their growth online.

As a top social commerce company we proudly partner with industry leading brands and we try to achieve the best result with better training and certifications. Over the years we’ve become a Google Premier Partner company, an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company, a part of the Clutch Top 100, a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions partner and more!

Plus our team members are certified in Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, BigCommerce, and more – meaning that getting the best social commerce solutions means choosing a company with tons of experience incampaign management across the most popular social media sites for marketing.

That includes expertise on social commerce for sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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