How to Recover from a Google Thin Content Penalty

In a previous article, the SEO analysts at Radd Interactive described the different Google manual actions & penalties. Here, we’ll go into more detail about one of the penalties – specifically, the penalty for thin content.

You may remember that Google defines thin content as content that provides little value. There are several kinds of content that might fall into this category:

  • Automatically generated or artificial content
  • Content that’s repurposed from other sources
  • “Doorway pages” (pages that exist just to drive traffic to other parts of your website)
  • Obviously nonsensical content
  • A lack of content altogether

If you’ve gotten an email from Google flagging your website for thin content, you may be uncertain of what to do next. Don’t worry! There are several options when it comes to fixing thin content on your website. Follow these steps to learn how.

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