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Rivka Arbetter

QA SEO Analyst

  • Uses her talents in writing to improve each client’s online presence while maintaining their unique voice.
  • Loves reading, cinema, history, art, musicals, and traveling.
  • Having already conquered the Louvre (twice), hopes to one day visit the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

A transplant from Chicago, Rivka has had many jobs over the years from being a film projectionist to working in data entry. However, none of these opportunities were as interesting, fun, or challenging as being an SEO Analyst at Radd Interactive. With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago in media studies, Rivka is no stranger to market research. She finds few things more satisfying than helping clients achieve a stronger online presence so that their websites become better known. When she is not striving to do the best possible job for her clients, Rivka enjoys traveling, reading entire books in one day, watching movies, listening to true crime podcasts, singing along to show tunes, petting dogs, solving puzzles, and playing historical RPG games.

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