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Our Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy pairs well with SEO. The SEO and PPC management teams at our firm work closely together to share data and insights to improve performance across the board. Our technology allows us to query large data sets in your account that help us identify trends in clicks, spend, and conversions. It also helps us analyze monthly performance trends and traffic patterns across multiple KPIs. As a result, we’re able to reduce your costs while increasing performance, conversions, and revenue. Our PPC services aren’t limited to San Diego. Wherever you’re located, you can benefit from our expertise.

Our team will manage all aspects of your PPC account using a systematic, aggressive approach to achieve optimal ROI and drive expansion. Our unique process blends various best practices with a strong strategy to improve your overall account performance and ensure you remain as competitive as possible. We focus on proven performance strategies by analyzing your historical account performance to identify trends in key metrics and uncover areas of opportunity. In turn, we use these opportunities to develop a new approach to your digital marketing so that you start seeing real, sustainable results. As an SEO and PPC management firm, we will always find a way to make every paid click matter.

Check out what we can do for you:

  • Provide full-service PPC management from dedicated AdWords account managers and analysts
  • Monitor keywords, negative keywords, bids, ads, and landing pages daily
  • Quality score and CTR optimization
  • Continuous adjustments that improve campaign performance and keep pace with the competitive e-commerce and Google AdWords landscape
  • Budget recommendations, forecasting, and ongoing bid strategy testing to meet your advertising goals
  • Monthly reporting on account performance, including cost-per-click, CTR, impressions, conversion rate, and other key metrics
  • Ongoing testing of ad copy, landing pages, and keyword match types
  • Replace low performing, costly ads and keywords with ones that are more targeted to boost conversion rates

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